About Us

Meet the Founders of Hack Club Berlin! Motivated by the lack of Computer Science offerings not only at our schools, but in the whole city, we decided to take the matter into our own hands - and so Hack Club Berlin was created.

Sam Fendereski

Nelson Mandela School


Kerem Semiz

Nelson Mandela School


Vibbodh Somani

Nelson Mandela School


Jeremy Bollack

Berlin International School

Jeremy was born in Berlin and is currently in his Senior year at Berlin International School completing the IB Diploma Programme. His interests lie in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics. Jeremy started to expose himself to the world of Computer Science by taking multiple online courses and working on individual and team projects building AI applications. Apart from running Hack Club Berlin, Jeremy enjoys spending time playing basketball, going to the gym, volunteering in church, watching Formula One, and playing golf. 

Valerii Ahin

Nelson Mandela School

Valerii is a Ukraine Global Scholars’20 finalist and has been coding since 7th grade. He is in his second year of the IB Diploma Programme, and his biggest passions are Computer Science and Math. In CS, he has experience with Competitive programming, C++, Python, and Java, but his main interest lies in AI and the creation of AGI. Valerii volunteers for a church, takes part in competitions, explores academic enrichment opportunities in topics such as Quantum Computing, and tries to promote Math at his school through weekly puzzles in his free time.

Pradyun Dangwal

Nelson Mandela School

Pradyun is a student currently studying at NMS in Berlin. He has experience with programming languages C++ and Python and is in his first year of the IB program. He has a passion for sciences, particularly chemistry and physics, and enjoys studying mathematics. In addition to academics, he is also active in his school's athletics club and goes swimming regularly. He also spends time learning about 3D modelling  as a hobby. In addition to his academic and extracurricular pursuits, Pradyun also enjoys reading books about business and self-improvement during his free time.